Be the Fight Foundation wants to help our local medical professionals that are at the front lines!

Together with your help, BFF would like to thank our medical professionals at local hospitals with food so they can keep up their fight against COVID-19. Not only do the kids and their families that BFF helps year-round need these medical professionals now more than ever but we all do! This will help many in two ways, BFF will organize orders with local restaurants that can use the business right now and deliver to staff that can use the food right now! Click the Donate button below "Be a BFF to Medical Professionals" and make your donation. You are doing good without leaving your home so it is a Win for all!!!

Be a BFF to Medical Professionals

Why do donations help?


We may be small but we are mighty because we fight together!

Every donation gives BFF the ability to help where it is needed so families can give their best fight against this disease together


It's personal to us

After watching loved ones battle cancer, we know the devastation it leaves behind. Imagine a child who has to live with those lasting affects while they are still growing and maturing. Donations make it possible to help them through their fight and assist their families so they can be there with them. Parents struggle with the daily financial strain that battling cancer causes and we are there to help them with those needs. 


Kids of every age need help

Pediatric cancer affects a wide range of ages and every age group has different issues they deal with. We not only want to help them fight the disease but we want to assist them in getting the help they need to deal with those issues.